This is one our smaller Shih-Tzus, Tessa! She is a beautiful, energetic, and health Shih-Tzu, which we expect will give us some equally wonderful Shorkie puppies.

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You may be wondering what exactly is a Shorkie.

Well, they are a popular designer breed that has been developed here in the United States. The Shorkie is born through the process of crossbreeding the Shih-Tzu with a Yorkshire Terror. The goal is to have a beautiful and intelligent lapdog that is a great addition to any family.

Therefore, while we do not offer Shih-Tzu puppies, you will find some of the most beautiful momma Shih-Tzus in this section of our website. As a breeder of this designer bloodline, we are dedicated to offering our clients one of the best options available.

What's a Shorkie?


Meet Tilley, she is an awesome Shih-Tzu and the proud mom of some beautiful Shorkie puppies!

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